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Island race and Wight Cruise CANCELLED
  Event has started, it is no longer possible to enroll.
Start Date/Time:
23 July 2022
End Date/Time:
23 July 2022
Peter Dann/ Peter Lowry


So far we only have 2 entries for the race and only one provisionally booked for the Wight cruise,
As we have booked berths in Cowes and tables at the Pub, the race committee have made a decision to to put a closing date for the race for Wed 13th July (to allow us to cancel the marina and pub) along with a minimium entry of 6 boat to make the race a worthwhile event.

Any one still interested pls contact Peter Dann (OOD)

Sat 23rd July 2022

Lymington start/ Cowes finish (provisionally)

For the competitive "Seals" we will race around the IOW.
For the non racers we are introducing a "cruise in company" to sail together and see what the back of the IOW looks like.

We will aim to start both the race and cruise at the same time and end up in Cowes for evening drings and dinner in a local pub.
Shephards Wharf marina has been secured for Saturday night
Dinner in a local pub TBA shortly.

Everyone is welcome and look forward to seeing as many as possible.

Pls use the link about to express an interest.
or contact me directly for more details.

Peter Dann P325 "Blue Moon" #32
e-mail "peter@the-nursery.net"


"PSSA Round the Island Race & Wight Cruise 2022"
Saturday 23 July 2022 Round the Island Race

a. The races will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing
b. The scoring is based on elapsed time corrected according to the Parker Seal Sailing
Association PY number for the yacht. See Appendix 1
c. Racing rule 42.1 will be changed as follows: the use of automatic steering devices is

a. The race is open to all Parker and Seal yachts.
b. The helm or owner of the yacht must be a current member of the PSSA.
c. Eligible yachts may enter by completing the entry form and informing the Race

a. Start times to be published in the Sailing Instructions.
b. First Flight – Parker Seal Association Portsmouth Yard stick of 1000 or above.
c. Second Flight – Parker Seal Association Portsmouth Yard stick of 999 or below.

The sailing instructions will be available on the PSSA website after 23 June 2022.

a. Start Area: See Sailing Instructions
b. Finish Line: See Sailing Instructions
c. The course to be sailed will be as follows: Start line, the Needles lighthouse (Port),
St Catherine’s Point (Port), Bembridge Ledge buoy (Port) to Finish line.
d. An alternative course may be sailed, subject to the discretion of the race officer. In
the event of an alternative course being required, the race officer will inform the
fleet by VHF.

The race officer will communicate courses and starting sequence over the radio before
the start of each flight. See Sailing instructions for further details
Notice of Race 2022

Randell Plate - Awarded to the best placed Seal 22 on corrected time; or, if none
participate, to the best placed Parker 21 or Parker 235 to finish.
Super Seal Trophy - Awarded to the first Super Seal, Parker 27, Parker 275 corrected
Annual Racing Trophy - Awarded to the first overall yacht on corrected time
The prize giving will be held at the PSSA AGM in 2023

Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4,
Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material
damage or personal injury sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the

Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a
minimum cover of £3,000,000 per incident or the equivalent.
Wight Cruise
For those not wishing to race, this is an opportunity to cruise in company around the Isle of
Wight and watch as the race unfolds whilst staying clear of the racing yachts.
The start time will be approximately the same time as the first start (07:45) and staying

Appendix 1: Parker Seal Sailing Association Portsmouth Yardstick
Handicaps & Allowances
The following amended Portsmouth Yardstick numbers will be allocated for all PSSA races
held during 2022 based on standard rig.
PY Class Inboard/Outboard Propeller
1150 Seal Sinbad Outboard
1140 Seal 22 Outboard
1095 Seal 28 Inboard Fixed 2 blade
1080 Seal 850 Inboard Fixed 2 blade
1063 Parker 21 Outboard
1030 Parker 235 OutboardNotice of Race 2022

PY Class Inboard/Outboard Propeller
990 Parker 275 & 285 Inboard folding
986 Parker 27 (Numbers 132 -160) Inboard folding
976 Super Seal 26 & SS26 Mark II (to
number 131) Inboard folding
950 Parker 31 Inboard folding
940 Parker 325, 335 Inboard folding

The following allowances will be applied to boats not conforming to the above
A. Yacht with no spinnaker (declared by 18:00 on the day before the event to the
race officer): +40

B. Yacht with cruising chute (80% of standard spinnaker area) (declared by 18:00 on the day before the event to the race officer): +20

C. Allowance for different engine/propeller configurations:-

From (standrd configuration To
Outboard engine OB 0 +10 +20 +40
Inboard engine with folding propeller IBF 0 +10 +30
Inboard engine with fixed 2-blade
propeller IB2 0 +20

IB3 = inboard engine with fixed three blade propeller

Allowance for fixed keel (ie a keel which is bolted through the bottom of the hull): +10
Boats having other variations to the relevant class standard may have the above
Portsmouth Yard Stick numbers amended at the discretion of the race committee.

To calculate corrected times:
A) Convert elapsed time of the yacht into seconds.
B) Divide elapsed time (in seconds) by PY number allocated to the yacht and
multiply by 1000.
C) Convert result, (in seconds), back into hours, minutes and seconds to arrive at
corrected time.
These rules can be found in the 2022 members handbook

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