we wonder if we could have some advice about rigging a blade jib on our Parker 31. we have at the moment ,only a rolling genoa . Sailing this season we think a blade jib would be good for over 20 knot winds when beating .One of our thoughts is a trip to the Frisian Islands next year and we think this sail would be a good idea in preparation .
We would love to know if anyone has one set up and how it has been done . Is there an obvious place on the foredeck to attach the foot .Also we would need to get one made and if anyone has either one to sell or knows of a sailmaker who could make one we would be grateful
thank you, Pennyw
Pat Morgan
Hi Penny,
Cannot advise about the fitting of a blade jib as we don't have one. You will probably need to sheet it via the cabin top - we don't have any tracks there.

However I would recommend you make sure you can still use the normal genoa. We find it's often handy to be able to sail with genoa only in Holland and the boat goes surprisingly well. It's then quick to remove sail when the water gets very shallow or narrow. We get sails and good advice and service from John Parker of One Sails at Suffolk Yacht Harbour. Possibly a bit expensive but if you order at this time of year you get a much-needed discount.
Pat Morgan
Thank you Pat . Pegasus already has tracks for the sheets on the coach roof . It just the attachments on deck and mast to avoid obstruction of the genoa rotastay that are problematic .I will speak to John Parker at One Sails .
Doug Rivers
Hi I had a 100 % blade from One sails on my 325, hi tec material with leech battens hanked onto the forestay. It sheeted onto the coach roof. Upwind in over 12 knots of wind it was brilliant and short tacking up east coast rivers easy.

However below 12 knots very underpowered. The worst thing and why I replaced with a 135% Genoa (also one sails from John Parker) onto a furler was the complete lack of power on all points of reaching. I really needed to use the assymetric but am generally too lazy!

I don’t carry the blade at all and seldom miss it. The Genoa is fine upwind and effective reefed with a couple of rolls. I went with 135% instead of 150% as it reefs to the size of the blade and still works.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Doug. That's really helpful. We are now considering if it's really necessary. ..It's really good to have your views

  • Jan
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Hi Penny
We have a Blade (#3) jib on Blue Moon and I love it when single handing . It is sheeted to the inner tracks on the coachroof and in theory points marginally higher than the 145% genoa, not surprising as the genoas usually become a bit baggy.To windward in a breeze its every bit as fast as the full sized genoa but with much less heeling force.It has a significant safety advantage over the genoa when tacking, the sheets are highly unlikely to snag on anything and going forward at night to unsnag them is something we all want to avoid.

Jan Newman
Blue Moon