Has anyone bought a replacement mainsail cover for a 235 with the lazy-Jack easy stack system?

Many thanks

John Edwards
Hi Dan,

I replaced mine about 6 years ago, with a stack-pack/lazy-jacks - a great piece of equipment and absolutely essential if you sail a lot single or short handed. Makes sailing that much easier, particularly if a wind picks-up suddenly or when you try to drop the sails in a stiff breeze.

I got mine from Kemp Sails and I found them very helpful. It has lasted well although I did take it in at the end of last season for some relatively minor repairs.

I am sure there are others out there who would do an equally good job, but as an 'additional' piece of kit, highly recommended and well worth the investment.
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philip linsell
I have had several "stack packs", most of which were 2 piece, a separate section going round the mast. My present one is a one piece which has flaps round the mast which fold back and clip when open. I like this system, mine was made by Dick Batt, Batt Sails of Bosham.
Always zip from mast end, much easier than joining a zip at the boom end.
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Hi Dan,
Quite a few we got a stackpac from

Performance Sails
Victoria Loft
Hill Furze
WR10 2NB

TEL 01386 861161

They apparently supplied them to Parker. It works quite well and was very competitively priced but was quite simply made. It’s worth seeing if they are still in business.
Good Luck
Chris Cobb
Martin Watson
Totally agree Phi, would be total PITA if joined at the boom 😀
Martin Watson
Interesting - my stack pack, ordered from Bill Parker, zipped closed from the boom end. This seemed less than ideal, but I assumed that was the way things were done. When the zip needed replacing, I went onto the CA's forum and asked the question "Any downsides to having the zip closed from the mast end?".
Replies were:
  • I though all stack packs zipped up from the mast end

  • I have two zips from the middle of the boom

  • I have a continuous loop pulley system which allows me to zip up/down from the cockpit

So I now have my stack pack zipping closed from the mast end ...
Nosey - Parker 325-26
Thanks. That's interesting. In the end we are getting the zip replaced but I hadn't even thought about which end we'd want it to zip from!