Good Afternoon,

I have very kindly been given temporary access to your forum as I am seriously considering a 325 as my next boat.
My journey with boats has been complex over the last few years as I desperately wanted my wife to enjoy boating as much as I do. I have had sail boats and motor boats but despite owning some very nice boats, its just not for her. As such, my Nimbus Motorboat is up for sale. Last year, once this was all agreed, I purchased a Hunter Horizon 23 with Yanmar inboard as a stop gap.
I am member of the Hunter Boats club and am obviously well aware of the other models of British Hunter available to me. The Horizon was just a stop gap to keep me being able to sail. I have owned a couple of bigger twin keel boats previously and am again now looking to get something a bit bigger. 30-33 ft, but something I can sail single handed.
So, the reason for coming on here is I have a few questions and hoped you Parker experts might be able to help me.
I sail on the East Coast (from Titchmarsh Marina in Walton on Naze, or sometimes Brightlingsea). I do go to places that deep fin keels can’t and I do sometimes dry out for the night. I wanted my next boat to do this, but I also wanted a few luxuries and finding something that ticks all the boxes is tricky.

1. Wheel steering
2. Bow Thruster
3. 6ft+ headroom
4. Drying Out.

A had never had a boat with bow thruster before, until I got my Nimbus 320 (now for sale), but oh my goodness, what a difference it makes in tight marinas. I really would like my next sail boat to have one.
I have to crouch down in the little Horizon and it hurts my back. I am 6ft tall.
The other points are self-explanatory I think.

When searching for boats that tick these boxes. Sadly none of the bigger Hunters had wheel steering. A few Moody's do. Then I came away from Bilge keels and started looking at Lifting keels. I would guess in theory its as good as a bilge keel or maybe better as the amount of water required is less if the keel is up.
I actually found a boat on Apolloduck called Dancer and I see the owner is a member here and the boat is also advertised on here.

Whilst having a browse around this forum, I see an alarming amount of posts about electric lifting keels, problems and servicing. To the point I am starting to wonder if I am actually on the wrong track and should go back to bilge keels. Perhaps some 325/335 owners can help me?
Would a 325 tick all my boxes?
I am not a club racer, I am looking for a comfortable cruiser.

I have a Yanmar 1gm10 engine in the Horizon and it struggles at times against wind / current. Do you fine the 325 engine to be sufficient?
That’s all I can think of for now. Thank you again for letting me in to the forum to discuss with the community.
Hi Andy
If you want to have a look at a 335, which is essentially the same boat as the 325, you are welcome to come to have a look at ours which is ashore at Brightlingsea. So far as the hydraulic lifting keel goes, my personal view is that it requires about 2-3hours maintenance a year plus having the ram serviced about once in ten years (cost around £200-250 in 2023). We have had problems once in 15 years and that was because I did not get the ram serviced soon enough.

335/50 Tringa
Hi Martin,

That is very kind of you and if you dont mind it would be very helpful to meet with you and look at your boat. My understanding is that the 325 and 335 are very similar?

If you are planning to visit the yard anytime soon, please let me know. I would much prefer this, so that you do not have to make a special trip just for me.
I have sent you a PM with my contact details as I don't want to post them here.
Hi Martin,

Many thanks, I have spotted it.
I will give you a call over the weekend, if thats ok?

Hi Andy,

We have a 325 and it is currently out of the water at Ipswich Beacon Marina. It will be slightly different to the 335 as it has a tiller not a wheel, but does have a bow thruster. Again, you are welcome to visit if it is convenient.

Best wishes,

Dennis and Anne Kell
Arenaria P325/21

Anne & Dennis Kell Arenaria 325/21
Echo that about the lifting keel. My boat was built 1996, I purchased her in 2008, have only had to replace the ram once, and as been said, was probably due to my lack of diligent servicing.
The other issue can be with the keel indicator. The potentiometer has just died, and I've bought a replacement for about £15. Old school though is a length of shock cord attached to the top of the keel! Hydraulics haven't been a problem; just keep the compartment rust-free. There is a manual back-up!
Great boats - they've taken me across the Channel, Isles of Scilly, French Canals and of course the East Coast. The boat was based at Fosdyke and is now in the River Medina on the Isle of Wight.
Good luck with your search, John
Nosey - Parker 325-26