Medmerry Managed Realignment Scheme

Submitted by Philip Linsell, Sep 13 

We have a brand new part-tide harbour near Chichester, between Selsey and Bracklesham in West Sussex!

The Medmerry managed realignment scheme was opened to the sea earlier this month, a good candidate for an unusual anchorage.

As Sunday was a good tide and little to no wind I thought 'no better time to try it out, before anyone else does'! For a first time I entered about 200yds, turned round and left, about 30mins before high water.

Now that it has been constructed it is to be left on its own to weather, silt or scour without further interference (I bet it won't be long before they meddle!).

As well as some photos I have included the maps from the Environment Agency web site of what it should be like.

If it's still accessible next year maybe a fuller search on a neap tide when the creek banks are visible. If it was really good weather an overnight may be OK.