Off Herm - Channel Islands

 By Tim Reader, Parker 275 'Speedwell'

Summer of 2001

We sailed over in very calm weather and motored with the keel mainly up amongst the rocks about 300 metres north of Fisherman's harbour. In about 2 metres depth we found what appeared to be a patch of sand just north of a large rock. We anchored and as the tide went out I got off and checked the bottom for sharp rocks. Everything appeared fine and we settled nicely in a patch of sand that turned out to be surrounded by escapee oysters from some nearby oyster beds.

We had a very peaceful time there being well away from anywhere and surrounded only by oystercatchers and other wild life. I emulated the oystercatchers and ate about 10! Margaret was more reticent but tasted one or two.

The tide eventually disappeared miles out, We went for a walk around the island which was delightful and when we came back I took the picture of Margaret walking across the beach and rocks to the boat. It seemed as if it had been left on a deserted patch of rocky desert as you can see from the photo.

Ken, Sue and family were walking around in St Peter Port and wondered if we had run aground. They recognised us from the red dodgers. They espied us through a commercial telescope and Ken managed to take the picture attached which though very unclear shows us anchored - it is about 3 miles from Guernsey!

During the night I put out a kedge anchor to keep us over the sand, which worked well. I also noted a transit out over the lowest part of the rocks in case we had to leave in a hurry. We spent a very peaceful night in an anchorage which is very sheltered apart from the North West.

In the morning we waited for the tide to reappear and then departed back to the fleet at Guernsey with whom we shared a few more oysters!

A very memorable anchorage.