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Start Date/Time:
17 May 2022
End Date/Time:
18 May 2022
Dell Quay
Martin Watson

LATEST UPDATE - Crown &Anchor do not need preordered meals, but please advise me if you are coming and numbers (heads) by Friday 13th latest - Thanks. MW


HW Portsmouth on Tuesday is 12:54 4.8M and on Wednesday at 13:42 4.7M. That should give about 1.5M to 1.4M at the club jetty and a little less along the wall on the south side of the Quay. The club jetty is limited to 30 foot boats only so effectively P285s or less. If prospective visitors treat it as though they are going to Trimbles Quay as far as depth is concerned. They will be dry about 2 hours on either side of HW with a 40 minute stand from HW to HW+40 but then it goes out very quickly! The idea is for larger boats to lie parallel to the quay facing east or west gendered up on both sides so that other boats can lie alongside them. If they get as close to the club patio deck as they are comfortable with then as they reach three boats deep I will go out in my waders and take a pair of lines from the out boat and make them off on the ground chain so that they are not all being pushed onto the wall. I will check but we should get three sets of three with probably some of the smaller boats nearer the beach and pub. that should mean we can accommodate 9 boats along the quay (three sets of three) and four on the pontoon. Just be aware that the pontoon is limited to F4 or less and that the wall is south facing and would not be very nice in anything above F4 either, so effectively it needs to be a gentle forecast for it to work unless the wind is forecast to be in the north for the two days, and even then F4~F5 is probably the limit (protected by the quay and clubhouse). I have booked us into the Crown & Anchor pub for an evening meal at 7pm. and will be opening the club bar for drinks an hour before and may be able do some small eats from the galley at lunchtime for those that would like a snack (paninis, bacon rolls and such). I suspect the Pub will want preorders beforehand but will check with them to see, and if so I will get a menu choice from them to post on the website. As I mentioned, unfortunately the club, at short notice, decided to start the renovation of the showers upstairs. They have said they will try to complete one of the sections by the time of the rally but don't count on it. If they are not available, there are ladies and gents toilets with a wash basin in each, downstairs, so be prepared.

Boats should aim to arrive about 20~30 minutes before HW to ensure sufficient depth and then we need to be slick at getting people alongside.
I intend to be there the night before so that I can assist with mooring etc.

Can prospective participants contact me directly by email or mobile (I'm in the handbook) especially late comers, with Boat name and length, how many coming, any dietary requirements and menu choice if the venue decides to go for preorders,( they have still not come back to me on that despite my asking them several weeks ago). I will have to close entries by Friday 13th May at noon as I will not have time to make alterations to the pub booking and I will be out of communication from Saturday onwards (off on Pauls Chichester rally)

I will use vhf channel 72 to communicate 

Look forward to seeing you all.

"Frith" P 27



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