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peter lowry  
#1 Posted : 01 August 2019 12:30:07(UTC)
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Location: Hedge End, Hampshire


FAREHAM SAILING CLUB ( top of Portsmouth Harbour)

24 - 25 August 2019

The visit to Fareham SMBC (sailing & motor boat club) has come round again. The plan is to have a ‘bring your own grub’ BBQ as before. Fareham will provide the BBQ, salads and hot potatoes; you bring meat, fish or whatever you want to cook. The additional attraction this year will be a ‘beetle drive’ if you ‘play your cards right’. Cards, dice and shakers will be provided.

It is a Bank Holiday weekend so avoid the traffic by coming by boat but if the weather is foul or for other reasons, please do not hesitate to come by car.

Mooring and showers are free at Fareham so long as you spend enough over the bar. Mooring is available on the club pontoon but please keep the yellow section, the north end, free for club members. Alternative moorings will be available at the workshop pontoon adjacent to the clubhouse and at the Salterns pontoons downstream.

Saturday: HW Portsmouth 18.17 (4.0m), LW 10.55 (1.7m)

Drinks on the balcony 5.00 to 6.00 pm whilst BBQ cooking.

Sunday: HW Portsmouth 06.50 (3.8m), LW 12.12 (1.9m)

HW Portsmouth 19.27 (3.9m)

Notes: If approaching from the west,

tide changes at Gilkicker 2 hours + before HW.

Allow 45 mins to 1 hour for Fareham to/from harbour entrance.

Tides are neaps and leaving for Portchester mid Sunday pm,

when there is sufficient water, will be optimum.

Booking Slip

Please book …….. persons for BBQ on Sat 24 August at Fareham

Boat name: ……………..

Carol & Phil Walden 01329 234222 phillip.waldenATlive.co.uk

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Peter Scrivens  
#2 Posted : 10 August 2019 23:26:20(UTC)
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Thanks Peter

Zephyr is planning to come with one for the bbq

Thanks again, Peter

#3 Posted : 11 August 2019 10:39:27(UTC)
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Hello Peter (and Carol & Phil Walden),

Just checking that this is the first part of the weekend Rally that then goes on to Portchester? Thelma and I are up for both.

John Clack

Nosey P325-26

Nosey - Parker 325-26
Martin Watson  
#4 Posted : 11 August 2019 20:34:18(UTC)
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Hi FRITH is planning to attend the whole rally, will likely be coming round from Chichester Harbour on Saturday as I'm doing a safety boat duty at Hayling Island sailing Club all day Friday and have decided to have my boat in Sparkes Marina, Thursday and Friday night as I will have come across from Bembridge on Thursday having run a midweek round the island rally for the DQSC. I hope the weather is reasonable to get back into Portsmouth Harbour! FRITH - P27 - One Person for BBQ
Martin Watson
peter lowry  
#5 Posted : 11 August 2019 20:45:30(UTC)
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Location: Hedge End, Hampshire

Sophia will be there

look forward to seeing you all there,

Peter and Jenny

Mike Baldwin  
#6 Posted : 14 August 2019 11:40:28(UTC)
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Location: Hampshire

Shemar would like to come as well - 2 for the bbq.

Mike and Mirdhu.

Chris Prowse  
#7 Posted : 16 August 2019 19:46:14(UTC)
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Location: Portchester UK

Portchester Sailing Club 25 - 26 August 2019[/b]

On the Sunday immediately following the visit to Fareham SMBC a visit to Portchester Sailing Club has been scheduled.

Tides Sunday: HW Portsmouth 06.50 (3.8m), LW 12.12 (1.9m), HW Portsmouth 19.27 (3.9m) – all BST

You will need to leave Fareham and arrive at Portchester when there is sufficient water. Allow 1 to 1.5 hours.

Alternatively there is car parking by the Castle.

Mooring is available at the club:

• Channel pontoon – dinghy to slipway – see note overleaf.

• Pier pontoon - Walk ashore (>3ft water HW -1.5 to HW +2.5. Dries 2.5M above CD).

Alternatively there is plenty of glorious mud along side the slipway.

I can provide access codes for the pier, compound, showers and toilets to PSSA members.

For those arriving early enough opening times are:

• Bar 11-6.30 pm unless enough custom to keep open longer.

• Galley 12-3 pm

Please sign the visitor's book.

The club verandah will be available after the bar closes. Since many will be too late for the catering, and the BBQ is part of the catering franchise so we will have to provide our own food, The plan is to discuss what people want to do at Fareham on Saturday evening. Options include ‘bring your own grub’, nearby Pub, take-aways or, if asked, we could get some baguettes, ham, cheese and salad on Sunday morning.

Departure (pier pontoon) between 06.15 to 10.45 Monday – or stay longer.

The channel mooring pontoon lies between piles just opposite the clubhouse and slipway. A tender is required to get ashore. Since wakes can cause severe pitching of the pontoon it is recommended that only one boat be moored either side and mooring lines are kept slack. Rafting out is possible. The water becomes shallow on the shore side of this pontoon at low tide.

My contact details are in the handbook

Chris Prowse

#8 Posted : 16 August 2019 20:12:05(UTC)
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Location: Binfield, Isle of Wight

Hello Chris,

Many thanks for all the information. I'll contact you as per you hand book details. Out of interest, do many people bother to to tidal calls (HAT etc) for the transmission lines downstream of Fareham?

Regards, John


Nosey - Parker 325-26
#9 Posted : 18 August 2019 07:46:42(UTC)
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Location: Steyning, west sussex

hi - Phil/Carol/Peter,

We hope to make it if weather and fitness ok - will we be ok with Altair on pontoon- we draw 1.45m and have wide wing keel so if bottom soft mud and level can settle on keel- plan on 2 for bbq but if temp skipper and mate come along to help us old wrecks will update numbers,

Paul and Sarah

update- now + 2 please as being joined by mia and devon (4 in total)

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#10 Posted : 18 August 2019 08:11:47(UTC)
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Location: Solent


Hoping to make the whole weekend.

Marney and Kev Gibson

Selah 148

Parker 27

Paul Morris  
#11 Posted : 18 August 2019 16:29:02(UTC)
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Location: Sutton Coldfield

Hi Carol and Phil. Blackjack will be there on Saturday. Definitely two, but hopefully the kids should be coming down as well so could be four. I will contact you as soon as I know.

Regards Paul and Zoe

stephen roy  
#12 Posted : 18 August 2019 18:15:47(UTC)
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Location: Portchester Fareham,Hants

Hi Phil & Carol

We will be coming by car 2 +2 grandchildren for the BBQ please .

Julie & Stephen Penlu

#13 Posted : 19 August 2019 09:45:02(UTC)
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Di and I will be coming in Tara for the whole weekend.

Steve and Di Drew

#14 Posted : 19 August 2019 15:02:11(UTC)
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Hello, SS26 Cleo plans to attend the Fareham part of the rally. One person for the BBQ.

I plan to leave Sunday morning with the tide.

Thank you, Noel.

#15 Posted : 19 August 2019 15:11:22(UTC)
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Sunflower will be sailing from Haslar to Fareham on Friday with Jenny and Michael Mead on board. Jeremy Parson and Susan will be joining Sunflower Saturday to sleep on board. Sunflower may go on to Porchester depending on the weather. Gluten free food is requested for Jenny.


07368 349009

#16 Posted : 21 August 2019 17:57:15(UTC)
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Hope to make both days.

Chris, looking forward to seeing Juliska again?

Ted, Ruby, P31

Ted Sansom (P31/18)
Paul Morris  
#17 Posted : 23 August 2019 13:43:40(UTC)
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Location: Sutton Coldfield

Hi Carol and Phil Jenny and Matthew are with us so there will be four for Saturday night. Then will away in the morning to head back to Lymington and then Poole.
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