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Hi does anyone have a set of spreaders for my Seal 22ft or no of anyone that stocks or makes them

Also has anyone done any maintenance on the lift keel i have just purchased it and the swing keel looks very rusty

I just want to know if I can take it apart



philip linsell

It's a long time since I owned Tulena my 22.

I did remove the keel and cleaned it up, best I could by hand, as its a 600lb lump of cast iron you can chip, hammer and grind at will to remove corrosion without risk of damage.

The keel lifting gear is easy to remove and dismantle, the only item that can wear out, apart from bearings is the brass block that travels along the stainless steel threaded rods. If the thread in the brass degrades too much it can strip completely allowing the keel to drop. I suspect a replacement would need to be fabricated. Obviously the wires should be replaced regularly.

Hopefully the bolts holding the green neoprene blocks have already been replaced with stainless steel, if you are unlucky enough to still have the steel bolts they will almost certainly require drilling out.

If you remove the keel check inside the box for wear from the neoprene blocks inside the box.

I hope this helps, I think there is more in the 22 manual.


superseal rascal


Hi, I replaced mine 4 years ago with Selden spreaders from Chris Clyburn ( for £82 for the pair. They're 35mm fore to aft and fit snugly. I had to trim to length and drill the holes using the old spreaders as a template; worked out just fine.