I am the proud new owner of a Super Seal 26 named Malaika. She was originally registered in Bideford, after which she found her way to Canada since I picked her up in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is a fin keeled variant.

I don't know much about the Super Seal 26, especially the fin keeled ones, so I was hoping that someone here might be able to help me out. My first question is regarding the hull identification number. Where would I find this? I don't see anything stamped into the transom.


Hello Eric
I have a 1989 Parker 27, so a slightly later version of your Super Seal.
When I was in the process of buying her, and afterwards too, I searched high and low inside and outside of the transom for any sign of the HIN, but without success.
Before the EU Recreational Craft Directive came into law on 16th June 1998, there was no legal requirement in the UK for any boat builder to actually mark or record any HIN at all. Most volume builders did do so in some way or other, but each had their own system. Often this was displayed on the transom, in the cockpit but sometimes just on a plate within the cabin. And a plate could all too easily be removed by a sentimental owner when he came to sell the boat ...
I'll "watch" this topic in case someone else can enlighten both of us!

Geoff Sheddick
Parker 27/146 "Stroller'
Gareth Yeoman
Hi Eric

I own Arkadina which is one of the few remaining 26's with an outboard in a well arrangement. Her registered number and sail number is 70 but her hull is stamped with number 71.

The number is is on the inside of the stern and comprises of a number drilled holes. It's not the most visited place on the boat but I have been there alot recently reseating the pushpits! Access is via the quarter berth.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, Gareth
When I next feel able to safely visit my boat [I'm still self-isolating at home], I shall have to have another dive down the quarter berth and wriggle into the cockpit locker!
Geoff Sheddick
Parker 27/146 "Stroller'
philip linsell
You don't say what sail number Malaika is.
I have superseal 26 number 50, rascal. I am one of the lucky ones in that my sail and hull numbers match. John baker was not too good at matching them.
The hull number is drilled into the stern post, visible by crawling all the way to the stern down the quarter berth.
This applies to numbers 1-96, Baker built, I don't know how the Parker built, 97-112 superseals or the parker 27's are marked, but I have seen brass plates in some Parkers.
Philip Linsell
Martin Watson
Any boat that had a HIN as opposed to a builders number, will have it moulded into the hull at the hull/deck joint on the starboard side of the transom.
Martin Watson
Thanks for all the replies! Turns out I have hull #35. Not sure about the sail number, it's not on my current main or genoa. I'll have to check the spare sails and see what they are.


Nosey has 325-26 rather crudely 'drawn' into the fibreglass on the port quarter. I've always quoted that because I've not seen anything else on the boat. Perhaps later Parker builds - mine was 1996 - used it. It started in the States in 1972 ... but only taken up in the UK for vessels built after 16th June 1998 where it's called a WIN (Watercraft Identification Number).
https://www.britishmarin...turers-Identity-Code-MIC  has all the details.
Nosey - Parker 325-26
I asked British Marine if Bill Parker had a code, and the (unlikely) possibility of getting a WIN retrospectively. Here's what they said ...
"They [Parker Lift-Keel Yachts] did have a registered MIC code, "GWP", however the requirement to have one only came into force in July 1998.There is no requirement to get one, no retroactive way of doing so and to be honest no real way of getting a new one without having the vessel fully inspected and brought up to date with things such as engine emissions and the latest safety standards. A very costly exercise."

So if anyone has some characters starting "GB GWP" stamped somewhere on their boat then you probably have a WIN!
Nosey - Parker 325-26