Hi All, I am proud owner of two Seals at the moment (long story!)

But newly acquired WyeSeal which I think is a 1974 Mk3 from looking at the Owners manual etc..

Some of the paperwork mentioned Insurance deals offered for Class / Forum members? Is this outdated.

I think Bishops Skinner seemed to be best option and didnt need a survey.

I am Topsham / Exe Estuary based and know of several other local owners but drop me a line if also west country based!

Cheers Andy

Paul Morris
Hi. I’m with Bishops Skinner and very happy with the service. Discount if you’re a member of the Rya and Rnli and no survey until 35 years old. I am also the owner of two boats at the moment so if you fancy three I’ve got a Superseal 26 going cheap.

Cheers Paul