Robert Young
Has anyone else had their Carbon Monoxide Detector go off whilst motoring with a small tailwind please ? It set off two different makes of Detector ,both just inside cabin about window height . (P21 with 4HP in well.) Wonder if CO is going up, then descending down into cabin or somehow sneaking through a gap somewhere ? Boat is not leaking anywhere.I know the Internet says if you are going fast, i wasn't honest officer, with Bow high you can get blow back, but wonder how common this.


Ken Surplice
Hi Robert,

We have a carbon monoxide detector in our P275. It is located in the cabin at the opposite end to the hatch. Although I can smell diesel fumes in the cockpit in certain wind conditions the alarm never goes off. Your engine and detector are much closer than ours. Let’s hear from other P21 and P235 owners

Ken Surplice
Robert Young
[[/color]Just to add , the Engine Manual says to have the forward hatch open for protection against Carbon Monoxide but i have only just read that, and this is only the third year i have had a detector.

To check the Alarm was Genuine i brought in a second detector from Home which was a different make.

The tailwind was such that there were waves on my Gin and Tonic, but since both detectors went off were they detecting not Carbon Monoxide but Carbon Dioxide, possibly from the Tonic Water ?

2020-10-04T17:26:15Z  - the top hits. CO detectors don't I'm told detect CO2 - I have a CO2 fire extinguisher so I might put that to the test! Although CO detectors have a test function, I thought I'd put mine to the test by putting it under my petrol car exhaust as it was started - and indeed it did detect CO. Once running there should be very little CO if it's running efficiently. By the way, CO poisons you, CO2 basically suffocates you if that's all there is to breath!

Stay safe! John

Nosey - Parker 325-26