HI All

I have just taken over the guardianship of WyeSeal, a 1974 Mk 3 seal I think (as has outboard well, though could have been retro-fitted).

If anyone knows more on the vessel history I would be very interested !!

Also keen to know the Sail No.!

Cheers Andy

peter lowry
Hi Andy.

I have trawled through the files i have and have found a 22 "WyeSeal"

She is quiet an early one # 24 actually a mark 1, originally built with a transon hung outboard, as you mentioned she has had a retro fit well in the cockpit....

Her two owners are both from the Gwent , first owner had her for 4 years and the second for 6 years after that the trail goes cold, as she has not been a member until now with you joining

i hope this info helps

cheers and enjoy her

Peter Lowry


ps handbook and info in the post in next few days

Cheers Peter.

I know previous owner thoight 1974 build thoigh Lucille my first Seal #33 (about to go on market for sale!) Was 1971 build which I quite liked as a Decimal baby like me!!

Wye Seal has oufboard well but I am considering whether better transom hung again as I sail 99% of time and outboard well mount does add bit of drag!

Interesting as I have been comparing the two and WyeSeal had about 1" longer aft cabin windows than Lucille. Quite odd as this is part of thd deck moulding which I dont think they would havd changed by such mininal amount unless thry were using two moulds? But again they would surely have standardised this for common aluminium window framing and glazing! So but if a mystery!

Anyway I would bd very keen to find out more on the detsils anx history etc!!

Thanks again Andy.

Hi peter.

It's been an interesting month! Some great sailing on Wyeseal with 3 day mini cruise down to dartmouth then up past the Queen Mary 2 !! And three young pretenders all laid up in torbay!!

I was looking for a decent road trailer then last week one came up along with lovely example mk3 called Goldfinch. They mad a lot of improvements over the ensuing 9 years especially the back cockpit locker arrgt with outboard well but also with the new inner tray mouldings etc..

Goldfinch has some interesting customisation as well and was owned for past 10 or so years by an older chap in Looe. I was hoping to track him down! As lots of customised things including a grp campionway closure which he had made professionally but different to the mouldings I have seen on forum so other members may he interested as I assume ths yard in Looe would still have the female mould !

Also a strange rig setup with upper jumpef stays and backstay which I think may have been conservatively added for cruising but coulx also improve forestay tension.

Can you let me know if any info on her?? Anx also if you knos oc any potential interest in the grp moulding??

Finally WyeSeal now in the market and very up together etc.. if you know of any potential interest. I have winter and summer moorings available at topsham on the Exe so low cost sailing!