Dear forumites!

I am very proud new owner of S22 hull no. 224 name "Goldfinch" and it would be really great if anyone knew more on her history? She has some interesting customisation ! And I think was owned for quite a few years by an elderly single hander based on Looe harbour who has done some great mods! Including a custom built GRP campionway infill (noting previous posts ref a set of moulds available but this solution looks different! Any info would be great! Cheers andy.
peter lowry
I will have a look through all the info I have on seal 22s and see what I have on ur boat
Peter Lowry
Geoff Harwood
I remember an 22 of that name on SSA rallies in the 80's. I think it was owned by a Dr and Mrs Gould and it had a charming little carved and painted goldfinch on its bow.
peter lowry
I have had a look for hull number 264... unfortunately the records show this was sold to someone in Austria.
however lots of seal 22 were being built and sold in quiet a short period of time and sails numbers and hull numbers sometimes did not marry up,

My seal 22 sail number 271 did infact have hull number 176 drilled in the the rudder post !!!!

Next port of call is for me to go throught all the old handbooks from the 80s and see if i can locate Dr and Mrs Gould and or past and new owners

I'll Be back !!

Hi Peter and Geoff

Thanks for this and really appreciated! Apologies I only just noticed the replies so will look to set up some sort of notification!

Any more info would be great and especially with the "customised rig" and the very well build full GRP companionway cover which I would be very happy to pass details onto other members etc.. as there will be yard down near Looe hopefully with the female mould still etc!!

I have got some more docs coming from the previous owner which hopefully might have more details and receipts so we can update the records!!

Cheers Andy

PS I also have a fab Seal 22 customised trailer which is in mint condition so was going to post about offering support with recovery / launch / transport for fellow members if needs!
peter lowry
Hi Andy.

I have trawled through all the handbooks and archives i have,
my handbooks only go back a far a 1998,,
However in the early days of the Association every boat sold was recorded in a foolscap folder.
This is based on Hull number 224 although it does not come up with the name Goldfinch !!
( so may not be the same boat )
As i mentioned in my previous post there are several 22 out there with different hull umbers and sail numbers

She is a Mk 3 Seal 22 built between 1995 and 2000 (mk 3 hull numbers 177 to 384)
so i suspect she was built in and around 1996/1997

Originally named "TORUSVALA" original owner unknown.
Then the sold to someone in Prestatyn in N Wales and name changes to "SWIFT" in 1983 , She had 2 owners here.

Next she appers in the 1985 sold to some in Coventry and kept at Newton Ferres. Then sold in 2001
to someone in Andover and kept in Gosport still called "SWIFT"
This would perhaps fit in with Geoffs recollection about her at rallies in the '80s

She was the sold to Cumbria and kept in Ullswater. with a name change to "AL FRESCO" in 2006

Unfortunately the trail runs cold and doesnt appear until now !

Hope this information help piece her history together for you

Cheers for now
Geoff Harwood
Hi Peter and all. I have to confess that old age has caught up with me!! I've led you down the wrong path with Goldfinch . All my recollections re Goldfinch were of Goldcrest No198. My piling system still includes the index cards for members who failed to renew during my tenure as Mem Sec which were considered not worth passing to the archive!!
The Goulds (Bob & Sheila) were members from 1974 to 1994 with Goldcrest.

Sorry to have led you up the garden with that!