Tim Reeder
I discovered a very weird leak today. Speedwell is ashore for the winter. She hadn't been visited for some time. Much to my amazement I found about 10mm of water lying in all the small shelf / compartments astern of the sink. There was also water in the cupboard underneath where the rubbish container is. There was also water lying under the oven.
There was no water on the cabin floor or any sign of water ingress through the hatch or headlining. I'm wondering whether there could be a leak via the screws in the genoa track.
It is definitely a rain water leak but I'm fairly flummoxed as to where it's coming from. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Speedwell no 28
Tim, just a thought but it could be the water that runs off the sliding hatch. If the boat is lying slightly bow down the water will run forward in the channels and try to get out through the little drain holes in the coach roof. If these holes are blocked, which can happen, the water will have to find another way out. Worth a look I think.
Tim Reeder
Good idea will check out. Thanks Tim