Parker 31's for sale

About the Parker 31

The Parker 31 yachts were built between 1987 and 1993.   Sail number 1 - 30.

In 1981 Tony Castro designed the 31' "Passage Maker" for John Baker as a high performanc, lifting-keel racer/crusier, capable of winning events such as the Three Peaks Race.  When Parkers took over the John Baker assets, the design was modified to become the Parker 31.  With 3 cabins, one en suite, to house 2 double and 2 single berths, the design offers a combination of refinement and agility not previously achieved in a 31' yacht.  Whilst the 31's fractional rig and high aspect lifting wing keel continues the Seal philosphy of high performance lifting-keel yachts.