Hi there,
Im restoring my Parker 31 Aletta. Having removed the windows to replace with original houdini windows I need to make some gel coat repairs. Does anyone know the correct (white) Gel coat colour?

options I can see available are:
RAL 9016 Traffic White
RAL 9010 Pure White

I know you can mix the colour to match but would prefer to buy the correct colour if possible.
Does anyone know what colour Parker used?



Marvin Kowalewski
Hey Simon.....

I have a Parker 27....built in 1989. I have sprayed gel coat in the cockpit area because there were some cracks in the fiberglass.
This was a very easy job to do and you can get small spray guns even a small air brush powered by compressed air to do it.

As for exact color...well after 20 + years..I simply took the cockpit hatch off and carried it to our local boat fiberglass company..they "read" the color and create a perfect match. ..Get it in a quart size they will keep your formula on file so you can always get more.

Good Luck,

Marv Kowalewski
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Marvin Kowalewski, Ph.D
Thank you -that is a good suggestion -Ill take the anchor locker lid off and get that colour matched.

Hello, Does anybody know of a company on the south coast that has the equipment to provide the type of gelcoat colour matching service that is mentioned above?
Best Wishes, Noel.