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I have a storm jib for my 285 with the luff designed to wrap around the furled genoa and a wire strop to attach the tack. The problem is that the strop should attach to the roller/ forestay fitting but would then press on the roller reefing drum. I could put another eye on the centre line, mast side of the bow fitting with a backing plate inside the anchor locker. I am not too keen, firstly because I am allergic to drilling holes in my boat, but have also been told the deck might not be strong enough, even with the backing plate.

I have read mention of storm jibs in the Newsletter, so I imagine this is a problem others have overcome. All comments welcome.

Bob Simpson

Teal 285/74

Mike Baldwin
Hello Bob,

I had a Parker 285 (Spartacus) which I sold last year. It had a removable inner forestay fitted by the previous owner. It was a marvellous bit of kit that I used quite often when the forecast was F5/7, especially if not going downwind.

It had the deck plate for the forestay fitting reinforced by an attachment to the stringer in the anchor locker. I can't take a picture because I no longer have the boat. But maybe the current owners might if you contact them. They are members of the Association.

As it happens I was watching the latest video this morning from Eric Aanderaa - he has a YouTube sailing channel that is absolutely amazing. I cannot recommend his videos highly enough. He has just fitted an inner forestay on his Contessa. You might get some ideas. See the attached link.

Mike Baldwin

Shemar 335/46

I have a storm jib whose luff is attached to a sleeve around the rolled genoa. I secure the tack to the centre line mooring cleat fitted just ahead of the anchor locker.

Dark Star P275 No 36

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I tried the storm jib on its tack strop with the sleeve round the forestay (Foresail not mounted yet) and attached it to the base of the forestay where there is a hole for the strop shackle. Photo attached. With the depth of the sleeve and some tension on the clew, the strop cleared the roller reefing drum, so maybe I have been needlessly worried. I need to try it with the genoa in place and work out how to avoid the shrouds with the sheets.

Many thanks for the suggestions.


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