When I bought my 21 she did not have the rear mast roller support for stowage and towing. I would be grateful for a photo of one so that I can get one made up.

Thank you


I have put together a few pics which show the mast support - not very well I must admit. I can't get a good photo as the cover is over the boat however I think is shows the general idea.

The key dimensions are : support tube diameter = 27mm ( depends upon transom fittings) Overall length of support from foot/end of tube to Centre line of roller 1170 mm. The locking plate is sized 30 x 70 mm set 365mm above foot/end of support tube but to suit you transom fittings.

The roller is a standard trailer keel roller with bracket such as :

keel V roller 19mm bore


  Park 21 mast support.pdf (268kb) downloaded 29 time(s).

Hope this helps

I am also new to the parker 21 having purchased mine for the 2020 season but only getting a few weeks use which I very much enjoyed, hope you too are pleased with your boat.

, regards Rob Pierce

Hi Rob,

Those photos are great thanks. I don't have the internal brackets on my boat so I shall have to get them made up as well as the post and roller, but at least I can see what I need from the pictures.

Yes I bought mine last year too but didn't get a chance to use it as there was just too much to do before I could safely sail her.

I'm really sorry I haven't responded earlier but my priority has been work at home so I can get to work on the boat. That is just starting now with new rigging, so I hope to be on the water in a month or so,

Thanks again.


The 'U' bolts are nothing special, they are standard deck fittings. Fitting them is the tricky bit, hope you are agile enough to fit in the locker to reach the nut !!!
Thanks Rob,

I'm not sure I will fit in the locker, but I have a son who is a little more bendy than I am.