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S22/84. Recently purchased. Can anyone give me some history on this boat please. I believe it is a MK 3.


The sail number 84 would be a Mark III as you correctly identified

There is a summary of the Parker/Seal fleet under About tab on the web site

Also under the tab members area are the original Brochures

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Bill Peach

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peter lowry
Hi Gerry.

Sorry for my delay in replying and thanks to Bill for getting in touch with you.

I have all the very old A4 handwritten owners and details when to Association was started way back.

Seal 22 "sail" number 84, has some history, she is in fact a Mark 2 hull number 60 to 176 built between 1972-75.

According to records, and hopefully the sail number and the hull number marry up.(HIN is usually drilled into the inside of the transom between to rudder hanging bolts), there were several 22s sold where the sail number and hin do not match, my seal 22 was sail number 176 but hin 271,

she was deffinitely a mark 3 so i changed the sail number to match.

Anyway my records are based on hull numbers so hope yours matches.

So, boat bought sold new (my presumption) and called "Ariel of Wick" to a Mr Wyatt, Surrey

Sold again in 1978 to a Mr Gillett from Kent and name change to "Tumbleweed".

Sold 1997 to Mr Mills in Glos.,

Sold 1985 to Mr Gardner in Herne Bay. name change to "Anna of Islay",

After this we have no more records until now with yourself and "Pheobe"

I hope this info gives you something to help with her history,

My late Fathers Seal 22 "Cachet" was sold to Lough Derg back in 2012, perhaps you may meet her.

Happy Sealing and enjoy this ab fab boat.

Peter Lowry


Sophia P275 #53

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HI Peter, Thank you for the valuable info. We have in fact not sailed her yet. Bought her under the Name Kazaa from N.Ireland. Unfortunately I now have health issues so instead of launching about now, she is up for sale on her trailer.

I am confused however, as she has an inboard well for the outbourd engine, which I understood was a MK 3 Mod and this of course does not allow a view of the inside of the transom, and I cannot find a hull No. elsewhere.

Another newbie question if I may. Where does the water originate in the centre bilge to necessitate a bilge pump which outflows in the lifting keel housing?

Look forward to your reply.

Gerry Hassett