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I read somewhere that drop keel keel has a hole through it, into which you can insert a bolt from inside the cabin to stop the keel inadvertently falling out if you need to service the lifting cables while the boat is afloat.

Can anyone give me some guidance as to where this bolt/hole is accessed as I can find no sign of it.

Or maybe it wasn’t on all models ?

Many thanks


peter lowry
Hi Alan,

Yes, from memory on my 22 , if you lift up the table leaves there should be a hole in each side of the keel box where you can put a pin though the keel box through the keel and out the otherside .you may have to raise or lower the keel a little to align this,

Remember the keel is quiet heavy so be sure to used a substantial pin for the job.

Removal of the table top to access the cable mechanism etc.

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Peter lowry

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Thanks Peter... please see attache a photo of the keel box. Can you remember which of the holes had the remaining bolt, as all the 5 large holes in the phot have bolts in them , but the previous owner told me that a retaining bolt was not fitted. The 2 smaller hols do no match to any holes through the keel.. Many thanks for your input



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philip linsell
Hi Alan

Like Peter I am an ex 22 owner.

I never fitted a retaining pin and was not aware of the provision.

From your pictures I recognise the fore and aft bolts as the guides/stops, so any retaining pin would need to be in the middle one. If that is in use your lifting fixing may be different to mine or modified. I recall there was a good detail of all this in the 22 handbook, if you don't have one it would be a good investment, see the members area.