Neil Sinclair
I have bought a new mainsail. While fixing up with the sailmaker the details I wanted, the question of the sail logo came up - a 'seal' of course - but the old sail had a red seal logo so that is what I asked for. I have noticed that other Seals have black logos. Now my old sail was the original Bruce Banks main supplied with Andiamo when new in 1977 - so I was wondering if the red logo was a Seal 28 'thing' since back then, there were only Seal 22's and 28's. Black for 22's and red for 28's maybe? My theory may be on shaky ground, though, while out on the water today I saw a Parker 275 with a red seal logo. Well we can be big about it, can't we? They are only a bit short of a 28!
Neil Sinclair
Seal 28/27
'Andiamo of Exe'
peter lowry
Hi Neil
This is a very interesting topic,
My answer is , sorry i dont know !!
I had a look in my old 22 handbook and dont see any mention to black for 22 and red for 28, however this may of happened back in the day,

I know there are lots of different colour "seals" and sail numbers out there, mainly blach blue or red
also someone recently asked me the question was there a particular size for the seal, to which i replied, al long as it looks in proportion then ot should be ok.

My 275 "Sophia" being a blue hull, with blue dodgers,and stackpack has as blue seal and sail numbers

Many earlier 275s, 31, 325s with the red/grey strip decals have red seals and sail numbers to match, and hulls with the blue decals anr blue or black,

I suspect earlier 26s and 27s have logos coloured to match their spray hoods and dodgers which is at the decision of the owners at the time.

When i bought my 26 back in 2000, she had black strips and her name was black on the topsides and had a black seal and sail numbers,
I changed her from black to a blue (sacrifial strip on jib was blue) and when i bought new sails i changed them to blue to match.

Perhaps vintage members may be able to shed a bit of light to this

Cheers for now
Peter Lowry

Ken Surplice

Hi Neil, long time no sea 😀. But last Friday I had my first trip out and looked up top, My Parker 275 has a red seal. I'm pretty sure I've had blue and black before. If it looks good, hoist it!
Neil Sinclair
I guess people did what they thought best back in 1977 - same as they do now. Not many, though, can confess to just replacing a 40 year old mainsail - It did have a lot of patches on it!
Neil Sinclair
Seal 28/27
'Andiamo of Exe'