Hi All

I recently bought a Seal 22 from Gerry Hassett who has posted here recently and have just joined the association.

We are in the process of preparing her for launch and need to get the mast stepped , rig setup and ready for the water.

Gerry kindly provided a paper copy of the owners manual but wondering if there is a PDF version within the association

Also looking for advice and tips on maintenance of the Lifting keel mech.

Are they reliable ?

Gerry bought the boat from an owner in Northern Ireland but never launched it and never tested the keel mech.

We bought the boat from Gerry and wondering if we should test the lifting keel from a crane or just launch and test in the water

The boat is called Kazaa and is sail 84. Gerry named her Phoebe but never change the decals so we are going with the previous name

She will be sailed on Lough Derg in Tipperary where we have a private harbor but the approach is quite shallow so this keel will need to go up and down quite a bit.



I thought I would let you all know that we got Kazaa launched.

I tried to attach a couple of photos.

Couple of areas to work on inc fixing the Furler which I might ask for help on.



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