Cornish Chough
We would like to know how to find out what sail number is allocated to our boat - Cornish Chough.

Year of build 1978 - John Baker ltd

These numbers are engraved (dotted) on bulkhead in cabin-


Under the bunk in saloon starboard side

Number engraved


Cornish Chough
Well, after much searching, the sail number is on certificate of British Registry

Cornish Chough number 5 of 1978 Exeter

So not sure what any of the other numbers represent.



Neil Sinclair
Sadly the '5 of 1978' refers to the entry recorded in the register - not to the sail number and year of construction of the boat. My 28 was built in 1977 and is number 27, but in her register certificate is shown ' 10 in 1981' I only know her sail number because I have her original mainsail - there are no engravings under the stbd. settee.
Neil Sinclair

Seal 28/27

'Andiamo of Exe'