I am replacing the spinnaker pole on Northern Sky (55) as the pole that came with the boat has cracked over winter lay-up. The boat has the Parker supplied asymmetric spinnaker. The spar manufacturer has supplied one which is 2680mm in length. Can anyone tell me if this is the correct length as the one that came with the boat is significantly shorter? Thanks. David
Hi. The new pole looks to be made to the boats 'J' measurement which Google suggests is what you do for a pole for a symmetrical spinnaker which should mean you can store it on deck between the shrouds and the forestay without it getting in the way. So its a bit longer than the one supplied with the boat, roughly an extra foot. Which may make it a bit more prone to bending if your sticking it out front as a bow sprit with the asymmetric which will be carried further forward. I am sure I have seen a thread on here which said that the pole that came with the boat had some basic reinforcement ( i.e some wood in the tube ) to help when it was in bow sprit mode. I am away at the moment but can check exact measurements and post them next week if needed. NB Post not entirely altruistic, I am on the lookout for a pole this length as I have added a symmetric ( ex J24 ) spinnaker to my boat and it would help with that. I have a spare pole from a P235 which is in decent nick that I would part exchange for your new one if that's of interest and the logistics work - I am on the south coast P235 #26 in the class book.
Hi Bruce - that sounds like a perfect solution. Why don’t we speak when you are back - my number 01803 812426. Based near Totnes, Devon.