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Hi All,
Thundachild (previously Slide Rule) is in commission once again and we have been pottering around Walton/Orwell area for a couple of weeks (currently at Titchmarsh) when I realised there was oil in my side locker. On initial inspection it was a leak from the Hydraulic Pump and closer inspection shows it is coming from a fitting on top of the pump. I think this is the keel lowering solenoid with two green and white wires leading into it. Its a plastic box about 75mm high by about 40mm square and it looks like it's attached to the pump housing by a single fairly large bolt or pipe. If I lift the keel oil starts coming out, though I can't be sure if its coming from the bolt/pipe thread or running down from inside the plastic box onto the thread. It's running out fast enough for it to run round the pump housing and start dripping off the bottom in about 10 seconds. This continues the same until I take the pressure off the system by lowering the keel back down again.
I tried contacting Smiths Industries for some advice about hydraulic oil before and never got an answer and I don't have a handbook on the hydraulic pump beyond the Parker owners handbook that really just referred back to Smiths Industries.
Any advice, either about the problem, handbooks, parts lists, good local suppliers or local hydraulic engineers familiar with Parkers would be much appreciated.
All The Best
Peter and Annette.
Hi Peter and Annette
Welcome to the east coast and pleased to hear Sliderule has a new home. We have recently bought a Parker 325 on the Orwell and have been investigating how to change the anode on our ram. We understand that Suffolk Yacht Harbour on the Orwell have some experience with maintaining Parker hydraulics and may be worth contacting although they seem to be extremely busy at the moment. Ipswich Hydraulics ltd may be worth contacting - 01473 241271. Otherwise try contacting Pat and Pam Morgan owners of P31 Phun, who have extensive knowledge of your design of boat.
Hope this helps.
Hope to see you on the water.
Anne and Dennis Kell
Anne & Dennis Kell Redshank 275/19
Not sure if it will help, but I found this:- 

I have fitted an electro hydraulic hoist system to my Parker 275, and used a Fluidlink power pack. The solenoid valve will be screwed into the pump/manifold block. On my power pack you can remove the electrical part of the solenoid from the head of the valve, and this should give access to the valve body that screws into the block. It is possible that oil is leaking due to the valve body having loosened in the thread - but I would think that is quite unlikely - the other possibility is that the valve stem seal is leaking. In the latter case it may be that the valve needs replacing. It looks as though Hydraproducts may be able to help - but photo's may be good to identify the specific parts and threads involved.

Good luck!


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Some more info:-

Screenshot 2022-05-14 at 19.23.33.png

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Dark Star P275 No 36
Another possibility is that the "O" ring sealing the valve body into the manifold block has deteriorated.

Dark Star P275 No 36