Toby R
Hi All,

Our skin fitting for the NASA Target 2 paddle wheel sensor has failed. It is positioned under the v berth. I noticed a hairline crack between the flange and the thread when she was out of the water and when I gave the inside nut a 1/4 turn, the fitting broke into 2 pieces and the flange fell from the underside of the boat.

I have read online that this was a fault with these skin fittings and some have failed while in the water and have caused people serious issues.

I am after some advice as to whether anyone has any thoughts / undertaken a similar replacement. My current thoughts are:

- replace with like for like and glass the inside of the nut (as recommended by NASA). The previous fitting was not glassed. I am hesitant to do this should I ever need to replace it.
- I don't use the sensor and could replace with a metal / composite fitting and blank from the inside?
- has anyone installed a backing plate at the sensor location?

On a separate topic I've replaced our old 8hp 2 stroke with a 2021 8hp Yamaha High Thrust. These outboards are shorter front to back than previous models. I needed to modify the bracket slightly as well as the slide depth, but the motor just fits into the well. It is excellent, powerful, quiet and far more efficient than the old. The prop is also slightly too large to fit through the opening but some jiggery when lifting lets you bring it through. (I seriously looked at electric as others have done but cruising the west coast of Scotland from a swing mooring, the opportunity of recharge was unrealistic.) I notice that this has been discussed many times in the past, should anyone need any more info on my conversion, please let me know.

Many thanks,