No, not me! I hung up my protest flag a long time ago...

A friend is considering upgrading from his XOD to a 325 but hasn't completely scratched his racing itch yet, and wonders if anyone knows of anyone entering their 325 into any sort of competition, and if so what rating or handicapping system they used. I can imagine the keel causing problems with anything more sophisticated than Portsmouth Numbers but I'd love to share any advice/experience with him - he's a good sailor in spite of choosing the wrong keelboat to race!
Peter Dann
Blue Moon 325/32
Hi Peter

A couple of years ago I researched the practicalities of entering the Three Peaks Race. In the process, I looked at the IRC rating and as far as I remember the lifting keel added a small amount to the long winded process but was not going to be a problem.
It turned out that you don't need a full IRC rating for the Three Peaks at there is something called a single event certificate that would cover it.

Thanks Martin. Funnily enough the friend in question did suggest that I entered the Three Peaks in my boat with him and his various fell running relations. I wasn't so keen on sharing my boat with smelly runners and their muddy shoes, added to which another friend won it in the past so I would have little glory to gain! I like the idea of stealing a march on the fleet by pushing a button though - beats rowing, which is how the other friend won.
Peter Dann
Blue Moon 325/32
There's a bit on PY in the PSSA handbook, p5&6. It also gives adjustments for various configurations. It may be a starting point for your friend. John
Nosey - Parker 325-26