Further to my topic on Hydraulic Ram issues, I have now isolated the issue to the Solenoid

Its a Camdec 12V /80% which means nothing as it doesn't give a rating. I have seen advice on the site Re 150-200 Amp rating

But the electrical supplier want to know is the Solenoid a make and break (as for a starter motor) or continuous heavy duty

Clearly not a simple answer

Does anyone know where I can buy the correct Solenoid

Any advice would be much appreciated

However a better problem instead of a failure with the Power Pack Motor


Barry Tiernan

Sulito P 325


Hydraproducts ( ) are the successor company to Fluidlink, the people who supplied the original hydraulic power packs to Parkers. I rang them a few months ago for some advice and they were helpful so they may be worth a try.



Hello Barry

We had our solenoid jam in the closed position 6 months ago, necessitating a leap below to shut off the batteries and a subsequent "thump" on the solenoid with a persuader. That cleared the problem but I traced the original solenoid type through multiple companies and now under the Littelfuse brand. I found one on Amazon:

The spec for the 24213 series is here


The closest I found was the above, rated at 200A continuous. I believe the originals are rated as "intermittent". I haven't replaced ours yet but following a repeat incident last weekend, it's top of the to-do list

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This is the Amazon link which didn't come through on the last post


Thank you guys for your advice. Contacted "Hydraproducts" as we all know the original companies ceased trading . After sending multiple pictures to Hydraproducts their solution was to put in a new power pack with an integral solenoid. This smacked of "the car ash tray is full, buy a new car"

Following Ewan's advice I have sourced a similar looking solenoid relay, heavy duty continuous use 200amp, they varied in cost from £25 to £285 for what appeared to be similar units and unfortunately all made in China. Could consider in future using a solid state relay

It is really an electrical relay to complete the circuit. Will let you know when I fit it. When I short circuited the faulty unit the power pack worked fine. You learn a lot by having all your advice and a good poke around with a spanner, might even try a good wack with the spanner


Barry Tiernan

Sulito 325


Just an update, have fitted the new solenoid and all works perfect. Old one was quite rusty

Didn’t hVe to change anything, fitted into same slots and connectors

Cost £25, on Amazon , supplier was in Cardiff

As a by, the hand pump lifts the keel in about 7 mins and the valve release drops it as normal. So you could actually survive if electrics went, although would have arms for a weightlifter

I will see how this solenoid fares this summer, fingers crossed