Stuart Tucker
Pegasus (325/37) was bumped this summer by another yacht and had her toe rail damaged which became an insurance matter.

Pegasus has just had the toe rail replaced as a result - superb job. Due to Parkers being out of manufacture quite a lot of work was put in by the surveyor to track down a company that could still supply the correct extrusions and I thought I would post this. [/img][/img] - SL Yachting also supply all the other parts i.e. Fairleads, Stanchions bases, Stanchions etc, etc.

Should PSSA member need similar work done I would recommend you contact Steve Lawrence on:

SL Yachting Ltd

25 Orchard Avenue, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 3BG U.K.


Steve: +44 (0)7798 733 608

Suzanna: +44 (0)7786 265 942


Steve is great to work with and anyone needs help in this area I recommend SL Yachting.

Best Regards and hoping this will be useful,


Pegasus (325/37)

Another vote for SL yachting.

I needed to replace a stanchion on my 235. Scoured the net and couldn't locate a direct replacement that fitted, with the holes for the guard wires and locating pin aligned.

SL sourced one of the same design where the guard wires holes were the same distance apart and modified the base so that it would fit the Boat.

They went to a great deal of trouble for a small job (in money terms)


During the last storm, my boat was between 2 catways in Lézardrieux Harbour. A very big X43, too much large and long for the place, cames beside my boat. I said to the owner it is not a place for him. So my toes rail in front of the cockpit is now distroyed. Do you know which entreprise made the toes rail for Parker sailing boats? 8 years ago, Stuart has found SL Yachting to make the work. Are they always working now?

Thank for the answer

Best regards

Pascal Claeyssens Maruli p325/27