I have a 6 hp outboard powering my Parker 235 on Lake Windermere. However, I have been thinking about an electric outboard but have little experiece. Has anyone fitted one to a Parker 235 and if so what size of engine would I need? The problem with comparing them to my current outboard is that the HP of my tohatsu and thrust-in electric outboards aren't easily compared. Does anyone have any practical experience of trying one?

Graham Steele

Boat name: Awara

philip linsell

There was an article in PBO July 2023, comparing the 2.3/2.5hp with 1.1/1.0kw they say 1hp =3/4kW but high torque of electric motors they can be lower, 2.3/2.5hp = 1.7/1.9kW.

I can send you the article if it helps.


Thanks Phillip, I would appreciate a copy if you can send it. My email address is

I only need it for short distances as Windermere is not to big. Thought it may be lighter, easier to start as well as a greener.

Thanks again for your responce.