• Simon
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I’m the proud owner of Fifi super seal 109, I’m just wondering if anyone can help
My saloon hatch is missing one of the S/S support stays, would anyone have a spare or could guide me to a possible supplier
philip linsell
Can you post a photo, not sure what's gone astray.
Superseal rascal 50
I guess it will be the same Campa hatch as originally fittied to our Super Seal (102) we have replaced both hatches as the hinges were breaking up, You may find someone doing the same and get parts from them, as the Campa (Camper and Nicholson) hatches are long out of production.

Also try boat breakers in Gosport 023 9298 4666
Martin Watson
Hi all, not quite on topic, but related. Is/was the Campa logo a bear? Both my fore hatch and salon hatch have a bear logo on top of the external disk that you can use to open the hatches, so long as they are not locked from below. I have been trying to find out who the manufacture of my hatches are for some time but so far without success.
Martin Watson