Paul Morris
Hi everyone.

I need an insurance survey for my Parker 31 based in Hythe,Southampton. I was after suggestions of who you would advise (and maybe who you wouldn’t). I was hoping for someone with knowledge of the Parker Boats, but someone who is thorough without being petty , would be good.

Thank you Paul

The best man, Michael Horwood, saw SuperSeals being built by John Baker, has one of his own and did a survey for me.

He gives discounts to the PSSA and I cannot reconnendchim highly enough.

He slso knows the way to Ashlett Creek!


Paul Morris
Hi Paul. Unfortunately Mike Horwood isn’t available to do it at the moment. He was my first choice. Now I need a second.

Regards Paul

Hi paul. I am also looking for surveyor who is familiar with Parker’s. I also know Mike Horwood isn’t available. Did you find someone else at all. Thanks