So hoping to tow a superseal 27 any thoughts also overall weight inboard inc.

Thanks nige
philip linsell
I have a Superseal 26 which according to the handbook should weigh about 5,000lbs, 2.25 tons, but in the lifter this spring to weighed in at 3.9 tons, all gear on board and Beta 14 deisel engine.
The internet shows the 27 at 6,160lbs, about 2.75 tons, but I would suggest you work on about 4 tons.
Do any of our 27 owners have a recent weigh-in?
Mark Weeks
I have info on two Superseal 26 boat IRC forms (Lesa and Knave), though they are quite old circa 2008 to 2011.
These are basic empty weights without any gear. They are 6437lb and 5996lb. Lesa has a Yammer 1gm10 and Knave a Beta 10hp. they work out as 2.87tons and 2.66tons respectively. If you start weighing your gear you will be supprised how much it weighs. I did some quick calls on Memo weighting fuel, water, tools, kedge anchor, fenders and all the other paraphernalia I could find and it was a substantial amount, probably 1/2 ton +, so your crane weight may not be so far out.
Out of interest was the crane load direct from a hook sensor or from the crane as the radius of lift will affect the crane jib load seen at the crane base.
philip linsell
My figures come from the sublift sensors, which I am told may not very accurate. Yes I carry a lot of gear!
Martin Watson
The last time Frith (a P27) was lifted out at DQYY last year they said my boat weighed 3.4 tonnes but bearing in mind most crane load meters can be out by as much as half a tonne, it could be anything from 2.9 tonnes (not likely) to 4.1 tonnes(quite possible with all my extras these days) I also have a Yanmar 2GM20 with my own aftermarket freshwater cooling and calorifier. It all adds up even though the calorifier is only an 8 litre version and my battery bank is larger at 2 x 95A/hr house batteries and a 70A/hr start battery. Mind you I do have a smaller water tank, a rigid 65 L tank under the forepeak, which has redistributed the weight further forward so she doesn't sit as low at the stern anymore (the transom base just about level with the water)and also now sits level in the water, without the irritating 1º list to port which just about every Parker seems to have. I did still have quite a lot of kit from my trip round Britain, on board as well so that won't have helped either.
Martin Watson