Herman Speckmann
who can tell me what the dimensions of the propellor shaft are? It's my intention to buy a kiwiprop. The datasheet in my owner's manual says it's a 25 mm shaft, but it is definitely a 1" diameter one (which I think is original)
I cannot take out the shaft yet, therefore my question.


Herman Speckmann
Delizia, Parker 31/30
Herman Speckmann
And to be more specific: I'm interested in the dimensions and ratio of the taper. I would like to order a kiwi propellor and install it as soon as I can remove the shaft.

kind regard,

Herman Speckmann
Delizia Parker 31/nr30
I can tell you,that the dimension on the early 31s, was 1",and as far as I know this was not changed on the remaining Nos.
The taper ratio, should be 10 to 1,but it would be prudent to check
first,before you order your new prop.I can say however, that the first prop shaft I bought from Parkers,with the hull and deck,was this ratio.Trust this of help.

Keith Bellingham
Many Moons Parker 31/No11.
Herman Speckmann
hi Keith,

thank you for your information and especially your advise to check first. After the boat was set dry the ratio appeared to be 1:12.

regards, Herman Speckmann
Delizia, Parker 31/nr 30