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I am thinking about fitting a removable solent stay in addition to the genoa furler on my ss26 to improve sailing in close hauled condition.
Has anyone done it and is it worth having this?
Many thanks
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I've done it, I love it.
I'm intrigued. Where did you attach it (mast and deck)? Did you strengthen either location to take the load?
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It is attached on the mast not too far below the forestay to avoid adding running backstays and on the deck with a u-bolt just in front of the cleat in an bow-stern axis. The anchor chain is seating nicely 2cm away from the ubolt when in use.
I reinforced the ubolt by screwing an o-ring on its front thread that is attached on another oring screwed on a bolt thread from the bow plate inside.
I am also planning to add a 100mm x 100mm x 3mm stainless steel plate behind the ubolt under the deck.
philip linsell
There is an option to the inner stay.
I am planning to fit a furling blade jib set on a Wykeham Martin furler, this system uses a wire luff in the sail, which can then be furled when needed. The whole thing is lowered and stowed when not in use.
I think this will be more convenient, the inner stay can only have a hank on sail, so a trip to the foredeck is need to lower it. Stowing the stay can be a problem, due to it's length.
It the wind drops with a furling blade this can be rolled and the genoa unleashed without leaving the cockpit.Good news for us single handers.
I'm sure others have done this, let's have your experiences, please.
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Nice idea Philip. But I also use the removable forestay for my old storm jib in addition to the new heavy weather jib.
FYI I store the removable forestay (and halyard) by attaching it to a ubolt just in front of the port shrouds. I set it up so that it is 2cm in front of the spreader.

Are you going ahead with your idea then? Are these sails with a wire luff not more expensive?
philip linsell
Merry Christmas all
I am proceeding with my inner jib. The mast has been down, fittings added and back up. Foredeck eye added and Barton furler ready to go with Marlow torsion rope, not wire.
My problem now what area the new sail should be?
I would welcome feedback from anyone who has fitted an inner jib, what area you did and would you change anything if doing it again?
The handbook shows a heavy jib at 90sq', I'm thinking a bit smaller maybe closer to 80sq'?
Philip superseal rascal no.50
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Happy new year!
I'm using the inner stay for a working jib and a storm jib.
My furling genoa is of 130%
My working jib is 11sqm, that's about 114sqf. I do not know that size of the storm jib.
I love sailing upwind with the working jib from F4 to F6 gusting 7. More than that I'm not sure I can still go upwind if the sea is choppy so the storm jib would be for a reach at best I think.
So my advice would actually to go bigger than 90sq' if you can also get a storm jib...
philip linsell
Thanks for your information, I'm still checking my sizes and how much I can furl the genoa before it sets badly.
As my inner jib will be on a furler it can be set wrapped and deployed/furled when needed, the genoa can also be set.
I was thinking of a storm jib as well, the new halyard is still available and the smallest sail should not need furling.Storm jib suggestions are in the 50 to 60sq' area.
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In case it helps, I decided not to put more than 1 turn on the furling genoa when in use but I actually rarely did it as I feel that it is damaging the genoa... so I switch directly to the working jib if I plan to use it for more than 30minutes.
Martin Watson
I have also fitted a solent stay attachment on my P27, I positioned the base about 150mm back from the forestay fitting so that the sail, when furled on a furling luff torsion rope and endless line fuller, would not foul the existing jib fuller on the forestay. I fitted a 3mm steel strap below decks attached to one of the horizontal bolts in the forestay fitting down the leading edge of the bow. I also put a sleeve fitting in the mast 200mm below the jib sleeve (need ed to make sure it was not too close in case it leaked the mast at that point. the furled sail with endless line furler, all coils up in a purpose made bag which fits nicely in the first under seat locker on the starboard side. I fitted additional jib tracks and adjustable cars, on the coach roof, similar to the P275s, with dedicated jib sheets left permanently rigged.
Martin Watson
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Hi Martin,

Are you happy of the tracks on the coach roof? I had the feeling that it would not improve the VMG as the boat would get too slow if sheeted in more than what the shrouds normally allow... I'd be curious to have your opinion.

Otherwise I've done something similar to you below the deck to attach the u-bolt to the bow plate. I think it's essential.