Dear All

Our bow roller got bent out of shape during the storms a few weeks ago and I think it needs replacing. A local boat repair place thought that the whole "base station" would need replacing. Does anyone know if this is the case?


Nigel Moon
I removed the bow roller fitting and lengthened and strengthened the base phase plate after some movement was noticed whilst in a heavy anchorage. It solved the problem. My boat is No14 and the bowsprit fitting to port of the forestay base didn’t need removing.. hope that helps.
Nigel P235 No14
Thanks Nigel - that’s really useful. The boat fitter I’d contacted (who, to be fair was working off photos only) thought the whole front needed removing!


Peter Scrivens
Hi Dan. I removed just the bow roller fitting which I seem to remember was easy to access the bolts through the anchor well. I then welded a couple of small plates at 45 deg to the front of the fitting as I found it difficult to pull the anchor chain in when the boat was at an angle to the warp. Sadly I can't now do these little welding jobs now as I have now been fitted with a Pacemaker and the arc gives off a radiation which can interfere with it! Think it would be worth getting the fabricator to do this at the same time as it has made it much easier to pull in the anchor.

I also machined a groove in the centre of the nylon roller as I found the warp 'creaked' as it slid from one side to the other when the boat swung at anchor, as they all do!

Peter 235 Zephyr