Does anyone else have the problem that the Seal 28 Skylight produces loads of Condensation? I put the liferaft box over it and it stops.



Seal 28 - "Veterata 2"
I found the answer: bubble wrap on the outside
Seal 28 - "Veterata 2"
Neil Sinclair
I have found the Kontrol damp absorbing crystals helpful. I have four trays full, one in the after cabin, one in the engine room , one in the saloon and one in the focsle. You can get them in Robert Dyas. If you aren't staying on board, block up all the ventilators or you will be drying out the boat yard! Also be sure to check the trays periodically, they have habit of filling up very suddenly.
Neil Sinclair

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Lee Taylor
I found if it's condensing on the hatch, it's also condensing on through deck bolts and running down in between the layers of the saloon roof, and on to my electrics. I got the Seal in August and after fixing all the leaks in the deck, i still kept getting water running out from above the chart table. I looked and looked and checked but couldn't find a leak. It only completely stopped once i reduced the humidity.

I second Neil's absorbing tray suggestion, along with: Fixing all leaks, opening the companionway hatch when making a cup of tea and running the diesel air heater(intake air from outside) as often as you can if you have one.

Apparently(I've not tried it yet), a bucket of rock salt works as well too. At 22p/kg from a well known DIY shop it comes in a lot cheaper, and buckets hold more water, so require less frequent emptying.


Seal 28

Whiskey Mac

Great ideas here!
Seal 28 - "Veterata 2"