We keep our boat in Totnes and can motor 8 miles before we start sailing, our engine is noisy and max speed of 4 knots. We are interested if anyone has any experience of replacing the engine with a 8 or 9 HP outboard? Would love to hear any thoughts about the effect of increasing the weight on our ability to sail. Thanks.
James Hamilton
I have a 8hp Tohatsu (2cylinder 2 stroke) which you might not be able to get any more though Selva advertise a similar.
It came with a four bladed high thrust propellor which was great in reverse, or butting into a head sea, but poor and noisy cruising efficiency.
I have since swopped the propellor for one with a higher pitch. The new one cruises nicely down Beaulieu channel, and is normally OK , but not as good into waves, but it has zero reverse potential (partly because the exhaust exits through the propellor). It has gone well for 15 years, if it conqued out now I was going to replace with a 5 or 6hp single cylinder 4 stoke because of the improved petrol consumption, perhaps aided by an electric start for my wife. Getting the right propellor, I would say is crucial for taking advantage of a bigger motor.