My Parker 21 has this finish on the hull and I am not sure if it requires any treatment before I re-launch or indeed if it is still effective on a 30 year old boat. There is no documentation on re-treatment so it would be helpful to hear of other owners experience with this material, whether it can be re-treated or if antifouling is now required.



I'd be amazed if the Copperclad is still effective after 30 years! But it depends where you keep the boat - I find I only need to antifoul every 2 years, on a drying mooring in Pembrokeshire.

So you could try without antifoul, and if it gets dirty, just dry out and give it a scrub, then antifoul next year.

Chris Turner
I agree. It would be surprising if it still worked after 30 years. My 26 had Crystic Copperclad on it from new in 1982. I had to scrub it every few months right from the beginning. Bill Parker advised me to abrade it lightly but regularly with fine wet and dry.

I got fed up and have antifouled it ever since.

Ken Surplice
When I purchased my 21, despite running a PEX orbital sander over the copper covering prior to launch, at the end of the season it looked like a thousand old latex gloves had been stuck to the hull. Realising that the copper had eroded to the point of being ineffective, I switch to eroding anti foul paint. It was quick and easy to apply and worked well. There’s no need to paint the rudder as it spends most of its time out of the water.
I have Parker 21 Wave number 98, the penultimate boat. she is 20 odd years old. I too have questioned the life of Coppercoat and thought I might share my experience. Last season was short but for 7 weeks my boat was in Pwllheli marina, I had not ant-fouled and had decided to see how the coppercoat performed. I was very please to find on launch up a simple pressure wash left the boat clean. I will be launching end of may this year andmooring in Abersoch taking her out early September. I have decided not to anti-foul again. We shall see if stays reasonably clean however I have the advantage of a nice sandy beach to dry her out on for a scrub should the hull get too heavily fouled.
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