My first tentative post in the 325/335 forum, having just bought the 325 'Blue Moon' from Jan in Milford Haven. (She is an upgrade from my SuperSeal Mya). She is now in Thornham Marina (Emsworth) on her way to Steve Hulme's workshop for some modifications and maintenance prior to - in a couple of years time - setting out to explore the British Isles.

For such a long trip I'm looking to maximise storage, and having been impressed by the 335 cockpit locker (thanks to Mike Baldwin for showing me Shemar's) I'm planning on a conversion. I only have two friends over 6' 10" so don't really need the full width berth in the aft cabin, so I was planning on cutting out the bottom of the shallow cockpit locker and making a hull-depth bulkhead, sacrificing 18" or so of unused footroom on the berth below.

Have any other 325 owners tried such a thing? If so, do you have any advice or experiences to share? I am guessing that Bill Parker followed a similar thought process when tweaking the 325 into the 335, or perhaps he was responding to comments from owners?

I'm sure I will bother you all with more questions as the work progresses. I'm also planning on 335-esque-but-a-bit-larger saloon windows, most of the rest of the work is maintenance and cosmetic (or on deck, where I am more comfortable making my own decisions!).



Hi Peter

If you have Blue Mood, you probably have our old mainsail which I sold to Jan a few years ago!

So far as I know the mouldings for the 325 and 335 are essentially the same so if you measure the cockpit locker set up on a 335 it will probably be a good guide to a conversion. As you suggest Bill made the change to the locker on prompting from various owners.

If you are changing/replacing windows it may be useful to know that the original supplier was Houdini Marine who seem to have drawings still.

Best of luck with Blue Moon


335/50 Tringa

Hi Martin, yes indeed your mainsail is still with the boat and looking great; one of my five-minute-jobs-that-will-take-a-day will be to remove your sail number!

Thanks for your advice, I had assumed that was the case and Mike Baldwin has kindly let me measure up Shemar's locker so we have a pattern to base the surgery on. Very reassuring though to know that we're following in the builder's footsteps not up (down) some daft blind alley. Thanks also for the window information, I found their details in the owner's manual and will get in touch. We had looked at Lewmar portlights but they are all rather small so something bigger from Houdini might be a little more panoramic even than the original 335 window. I'm dreaming of relaxing on the sofa at the top of a sea loch admiring mountians and midges without having to stand up...