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Hi All

I am the new owner of "Islay Seal" previously owned by Tony Thomas who had her for over 30yrs, most recently moored in the Barrow in Furness area and prior to that Windamere and before that the Suffolk coast.

She is currently being stored for the winter in Gloucestershire, she needs tidying round the edges and a lick of paint to make her shine again and probably tearing out the old wiring and starting again, but everything is there.

On the wish list would be roller furling for the foresail and hopefully tracking down the moulds for the cabin extension, she will be dragged over the border come the spring to reside on the Forth of Firth to sail Scotland's east coast.

Congrats ! I acquired a Seal this year as well and like you am looking to upgrade it with a Furler system in the New Year
Looking at the Plastimo 406 but not sure if its robust enough

Look forward to getting a bit more life into the forum !

peter lowry
Hi Dan.

My P275 #53 "Sophia", had a Facnor furling system and for the past 2 or 3 years it was slowly giving up the ghost.
As it was an old one, parts from Facnor were no longer available and Eurospars in Plymouth were to only supplier of older parts, so I needed to replace the drum where the bearings had finally degraded and failed...... to my utter shock the replacement drum was over £700.00
Needless to say I wasnt going down that root ! (complete system would of been £2200.00). Long story short I opted for the Plastimo 609 T (twin groove). I also fitted the older version 608t on my SS26 "Cleo" and had 10 seasons on her before I sold her, again completely maintenance free.
The bolt rope for the twin is smaller than the single hence why I went for T as my sails would fit.
I have had 2 seasons with it and it has been Fab, trouble and maintenance free. I would recommend it , I had to buy an extra piece of foil as the purchace pack is a little short for the 275 rig. so check the length in the pack and measure your forestay.

Peter Lowry
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Thanks All,

That definitely gives me a few ideas for a furler, will add them to what seems to be an ever increasing list of jobs, on the plus side the terminally broken outboard turned out to only be gunged up with old fuel and a quick strip and flush and a new impeller and its purring away happily.

Now if only I can track down these mythical cabin extension moulds..........