I have acquired Seal 22 'Chimer', sail no 9. She is in a fairly neglected state.
I would appreciate some advice, especially if anyone is in my general area. (Monmouthshire)
As I understand it, the Mk 1 had a completely open cabin, with no main hatch as such. This one has had a very crude sliding hatch fitted, which is past its best, and in due course I will need to replace it.
I note that there were grp moulds, and that these have vanished. I am wondering if originally there was a canvas enclosure, joined to the spray hood, or how any sort of security and protection was gained? Or if anyone has a neat alternative solution I could please have a look at and learn from?
Also the perspex fore hatch lid is a good tailored fit, but seems to never have had any way of holding it down; the original toggle bolts are there, but there's nothing on the perspex. I need a replacement.
Also: How does the cockpit drain work? There seems to be a stop cock, and its now all unblocked, but the pipe is full and its outlet is below the water line. Maybe there was some sort of a non return valve?
  • Ray
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Hello PT,

I'm not sure if your the guy that came down and looked at Sealia the other week or not.

But I have Sealia for sail at present she has not sold, although I have people coming to look at her on this weekend.

She has a full extended copit with wash boards, and with a hasp and clasp is totally lockable.

If your interested let me know.

As I am thinking of breaking her in the next couple of weeks

Hi Ray
I would be interested in parts if you start to break your boat.
I have recently purchased a Seal22 sale 5 and refurbishing her.
looking for a spray hood or the elusive moulds.
please keep me informed if you do decide to break Sealia
Simon New member