Hi all,

I'm new to Parker ownership and new to this forum so apologies if this has been asked already.

I'm finding the keel on my 235 hard to lift. It doesn't appear to be jamming in any way just very heavy. It has been suggested that I replace the starboard winch to improve the ratios but was just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same issue and, if so, had you found a solution you could recommend.
If replacing the winch is the way to go, any suggestions on what would be a good option?


John Edwards
Hi Frank, and welcome to the Forum. You have just got yourself a great little boat, and I am sure you will have lots of fun on it.

There has been a lot written and discussed about the keel. If you log in and scroll down to Tech Reference - Parker 235- keel, you will find a number of articles.

Basically, the camp divides into grease/no-grease with a few other suggestions. Perhaps Jim Hamilton sums it up with 'technique'. I find it much easier in the water and I tend to moor with the keel supported halfway, but with my advancing years, raising the keel is no a piece of cake. You need to get over the winch and work it.

Should you find an easy solution - you must share it.

Anyway best wishes and good luck

235/07 Diamond
James Hamilton
I have found that if the torque in the rope causes the blocks to try and twist in the slot, then it can make lifting the keel a lot harder. I can't advise the official way of reeving the blocks, but once you have found it. , if you keep a little tension on the rope when the keel is down it stops the blocks twisting. Recently I have started to leave the top cover off to see what is happening.
Jim Hamilton