Evening so potentially looking to purchase a 235.

Need a boat that can explore inshore dries out but also can do coastal hops at a suitable cruising speed and comfort. Is this the boat for me ?

Any tips welcome especially what to look for .

Thanks nige

James Hamilton
I have had a 235 from new since 2005, and have had remarkably little trouble from it. I replace the lifting eyes in the keel every 2or 3 years, and I think I have replaced a block from the keel system. Otherwise no problems, though I have a porta-potti, not a sea loo, and the boat is dry sailed (lives on a trailer with the mast up).

As far as sailing goes, she is fast and well balanced, particularly upto the top of F3, In F4 and above and beating it's wise to be ready to play the mainsheet in the gusts to prevent a broach. With the keel raised the bottom is flat so excellent for drying out, and the accommodation works well. We have had 2 couples for 10 days in her. I have sailed to Scotland up the east coast from the Solent her and in cruised the inner Hebrides to Mull, having crossed on the union canal.

The only serious problem I have heard of, is that if you keep her afloat with the keel up in the winter, and a gust flattens the boat, then because the boat is very buoyant, they can heel past 90 degrees. This would not normally be a problem, but the keel can slide 'up' and one has inverted on it's mooring. Something to keep the keel down a small amount would probably cure this. I have a pole attached to the keel which can be tied down to eliminate the potential problem when sailing if it is very windy/gusty (Though I sailed 7 years without one). Some boats have a Parker provided strut which does the same job.

I think you would be pushed to find a better lifting keeler of this size (7.1m) with good accommodation with a separate loo. and a good performance.